Woodland High School

Schools are welcome to review our WASC self-study report as a resource.

Dr. Maxwell Shelnutt and Diane Mahan werethe WASC coordinators. 

Contact Karrie Sequeira, principal, with questions, comments, and considerations regarding the WASC self-study process.


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WASC Criteria

Criteria A : Organization:

Criteria A : Organization: Vision and Purpose, Governance, Leadership and Staff, and Resources

Criteria B: Standards-based Student Learning: Curriculum

Criteria C: Standards-based Student Learning: Instruction

Criteria D: Assessment and Accountability

Criteria E: School Culture and Support for Students' Personal and Academic Growth

Extended ESLRs

(W)riter, reader, thinker, EXPLORER!

Literate Person/Complex Thinker

·         Meets the content and performance standards in all academic and career/technical areas.

·         Produces work that reflects a variety of thinking, reasoning, and problem-solving skills.

·         Selects appropriate informational resources.

·         Questions, analyzes, and evaluates information to create solutions, produce work, and make decisions.

·         Explores opportunities to connect with an inner-spark: sports, art, music, clubs, etc.

(H)ears others and responds appropriately.

Effective Communicator

·         Conveys messages, ideas, thoughts, feelings and beliefs to others through various methods.

·         Demonstrates the ability to implement a variety of communication techniques including written, auditory, visual, electronic, and nonverbal.

·         Listens carefully and responds appropriately.

·         Exhibits self-discipline and personal responsibility.

(S)erious about my future.

Self-Directed, Life-Long Learner

·         Takes responsibility for setting personal and academic goals, both at WHS and beyond. 

·         Creates a plan based on personal, academic, and career goals.

·         Selects, adjusts, monitors, and applies problem solving strategies.

·         Applies learning to real situations.

·         Shows respect for self, and others.


WHS Vision Statement

Woodland High School graduates are responsible and involved global citizens who pursue life-long learning. 

WHS Mission Statement

 The mission of Woodland High School is to provide a rigorous and relevant academic and career education for all students, emphasizing high expectations, positive relationships, personal responsibility, and engagement in the community. 



(W)riter, reader, thinker, EXPLORER!

(H)ears others and responds appropriately.

(S)erious about my future.