Woodland High School

Star Student

McKenna Finato

McKenna Finato


          It is with Woodland Pride we introduce McKenna Finato as the Star Student of Woodland High School.  McKenna is a senior who is pursuing a nursing degree after graduation.  In five years, she hopes to be finished with college and working in the profession helping people who need her.  With her determination and drive, she will be very successful in all she endeavors to accomplish.

          McKenna credits her parents for inspiring her to do well in everything she does.  She also recognizes teachers who have supported her along the way, one in particular is Mr. Monk.  “Mr. Monk has inspired me the most.  He is funny, friendly and very wise with his advice.”  She credits her funniest moments at WHS while  hanging out with Mr. Monk.  McKenna has also been an inspiration to many of her teachers.  “I have been inspired by McKenna from the first time I met her as a freshman.  She has amazed and impressed me with her dedication to all tasks, her perseverance and determination to do well, and her friendly smile.  She is a doll!!”  She is well known for her positive energy and enthusiasm.  “McKenna Finato was a student in Rhythms and one of my softball players. Her smile is contagious and she is always a happy person. She is willing to do what is best for a team and not necessarily for herself. Her work ethic is strong and will help her as she graduates from high school. She is a great representation of being a wolf!”  She is a model student, inside and out.  “McKenna is hard working, responsible and a beautiful young lady.”  She is highly respected for her quality performance.  “I have had the pleasure of having McKenna as a student in 7th grade and last year as an 11th grader in my Zoology/Botany class.  She is a very hard worker and always strives to do her best.  She is also extremely helpful, and used to help me with grading, setting up my class, and anything else I needed help with.  She still stops in time to time and offers to help out when needed.  I absolutely loved having her as a student, and it was truly a pleasure to have her in class.  She is AWESOME!!!   She is highly regarded for her academic engagement, fierce competitiveness, and all around wonderful character.  “I have witnessed the growth of Ms. Finato’s character during her first three years in high school, as both a coach and faculty.  I can validate Ms. Finato in both joyful and difficult situations in which she has remained positively hopeful and progressively determined to make the best of any situation. Personally, academically, and athletically, I have seen the mature character come through exponentially as demonstrated with courage, decisiveness, and adaptability.”  She is a treasure.

          McKenna’s favorite thing about high school is becoming a little more independent.  However, she does not like being grown up enough to have to apply for colleges.  That’s no fun.  Her only regret in high school is to not be engaged in more than she was.  She has a lot of school spirit and looks forward to showing that side of herself.  However, she does admit it’s hard to accomplish.  “Balancing school, work, sports, clubs, and family/friends has proven a challenge.”  She has learned early on what is important and it shows in her character. 

McKenna is a truly genuine person so it’s no surprise she does not like it when people act fake.  “My biggest pet peeve is when someone acts different in front of certain people.”  Some of her hobbies include softball, golf, being with her friends, and shopping.  Once she leaves WHS and moves on to her next chapter, she would like to be remembered as a hard worker who tried to make WHS as nice as possible.  She is a true example of positive, productive, and professional.  GO WOLVES!