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Parking Lot Safety

Reminder: The staff parking lot is reserved for staff. Parents have been observed dropping off and picking up students in the staff lot. The increased traffic has raised concerns about safety. Students may be dropped off along the curb on West Street outside the staff lot or in the student parking lot. Thank you in advance for supporting efforts to maintain safety.

Orange Peel Is Back

Homecoming Spirit Week

Homecoming Spirit Week
Homecoming, Ticket Sales from Oct. 6 thru Oct. 21, 5 dollars with ASB Sticker,  10 dollars without ASB Sticker, tickets at the door are 15 dollars.

"Are you planning to bring a guest to The HOCO Dance? Make sure to get a guest pass application from the student store. The application is due to Ms. Ortega by  October 20th, tickets for guests will not be sold at the door.."

Homecoming parade October 20, 2017 starting at 1 30 PM on California Street to  Main, Walnut, Beamer and ending at WHS student Parking Lot.

Fall Play - Father of the Bride

Play times, Location and Ticket Prices

Oct. 27, 28, Nov. 2 and 4 at 7:00pm

Oct. 29 & Nov. 5 at 2:00pm

At the WHS Studio Theatre

Ticket are $10 for adults and $6 for children and students

Tickets are available at the WHS student store and at the Door.

Free Dental Services, Sunday October 29 from 9 AM to 3 PM, located at Westmore  Oaks Elementary School, 1100 Clarendon Street, West Sacramento

Powder Puff

Pictured, Lindsay Weisenberg, Eric Wyles, Billy Felix, Sonia Garcia, Ray  Abaurrea, Marty Buchignani and Julia Villa-not necessarily in that order

Lindsay Weisenberg, Eric Wyles, Billy Felix, Sonia Garcia, Ray Abaurrea, Marty Buchignani and Julia 
Villa.-.not necessarily in that order.


Book Bike Here Tuesday

Rhea Gardner, Woodland Public Library's Teen Librarian, and her Book Bike will be on campus during lunch on Tuesday to give away books. Stop by to say hello and get a book of your choice outside the Commons. Mrs. Gardner will also be doing class visits in the English Department. 

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Girls Volleyball

The Woodland High Girls Volleyball Team. Games start at 4, 5, and 6 pm.  Go Wolves!

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Cross Country Openings

Woodland High School’s Cross Country Team still has openings if you have NEVER been on the team before and this would be your first year competing. The team is open to Freshman – Seniors and the team is an excellent resume/college application builder and a great chance to be a part of a team that competes for league and section titles while learning about goal setting and attainment. See Coach Bruns in Room #906 to learn more about the team.

Senior Paint Day 2017



Help WHS get free money. It's simple, download the SHOPAROO app, scan your receipts, and ASB will receive the funds.

Price is  35. Books will also be sold at the Student Store.

Price is $35. Books will also be sold at the Student Store. 

Star Student Jake Hedington

Picture of Jake Hedington

Jake Hedington


          Woodland High School would like to recognize Jake Hedington as our Star Student of the week.  Jake is a senior at WHS and an integral part of the pack.  He hopes to attend California State University, Long Beach or CSU, San Marcos.  Although he is not sure what his major will be, he is certain he will gain a degree and have a successful future, perhaps owning his own business someday.

          Jake is very proud of his achievements in high school.  He is not only an academic success by passing all of his classes, he is also a pleasure to have in class.  For this, he credits his mom and dad as well as his good friend.  “My mom and dad have pushed me to do my best and my homie JR has helped too.”  Although it is his parents who push him the hardest, he recognizes, Marty Buchignani as, “Someone who always wants you to do your best.”  Jake appreciates all the hard work the staff does to make high school an experience full of memories but his biggest pet-peeve is, “Teachers who give homework every night.”  That annoys him.

          Jake is a very vibrant and entertaining student and has inspired many of his teachers.  Jake sure knows how to make a crowd laugh despite the situation. His smile is one of the best attribute he carries. He is tall and goofy, but has the sweetest heart.”  We can all appreciate Jake’s sense of humor.  “From the moment I walked on this campus, I was greeted by a young sophomore boy with a huge heart, large smile, and a deep voice.  He is truly the spirit of WHS, and enjoys making people happy.  His quick wit and caring ways are the model of what it looks like to be positive, productive, and professional.  Thank you, Jake for being YOU and part of the pack.” He is an integral part of the pack.  “Jake. JAKE. JAAAAKKKEEE! Let me run my own class, thank you!”  He is a definitely leader.  “Jake is an energetic and a fun student to have in class.  I loved having him in my zoology/botany class.  He always made class interesting and fun.”  He does have a lot of energy.  “Jake is one of a kind.  He has let me tease and annoy him since freshmen year.”  He is a great sport and has a great sense of humor!  “Jake has one of the best senses of humor of any student I have ever had the honor to teach.”  He definitely likes a good structured debate on just about any topic.  Jake is a pleasure to have in AP Gov. He is never shy and always willing to contribute to class discussions.” He has made an impact on those around him.  “Jake Hedington is a truly outstanding link crew leader. He uses his strong social skills to make everyone on campus feel welcome. His impact has been tremendous on our freshman and the rest of our school. He is truly a joy to have in my link crew class. His creativity has helped spur our projects on and he is appreciated.”  He is an example of positive, productive, and professional.

Jake is a senior with some advice to the freshmen class.  “Get involved!  High school flies by—go to games, have school spirit, and make memories.”  He shares that the finest moment was a baseball game with a solid outcome.  “My baseball game at River Valley junior year was the moment we came together as a team and won.  It was lit.”  His least favorite moment in high school was having to run in PE. 

          One of his favorite things about high school is participating in the rallies, “The rallies when everyone in the class of 1028 has spirit.”  He is a part of a larger group of high spirited, celebratory seniors.  With all the fun and games though, he does regret not playing sports freshmen year and not being very involved.  The most difficult thing he has ever tried to accomplish is chemistry.  He will always be remembered for his school spirit and his award winning personality.  GO WOLVES!!!

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