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Price is  35. Books will also be sold at the Student Store.

Price is $35. Books will also be sold at the Student Store. 



Parking Lot Safety

Reminder: The staff parking lot is reserved for staff. Parents have been observed dropping off and picking up students in the staff lot. The increased traffic has raised concerns about safety. Students may be dropped off along the curb on West Street outside the staff lot or in the student parking lot. Thank you in advance for supporting efforts to maintain safety.






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Kasidee Signing with Biola University


From Left to Right, Arlene Rodriquez, Amaya Sandoval

Orange Peel Is Back

Powder Puff

Pictured, Lindsay Weisenberg, Eric Wyles, Billy Felix, Sonia Garcia, Ray  Abaurrea, Marty Buchignani and Julia Villa-not necessarily in that order

Lindsay Weisenberg, Eric Wyles, Billy Felix, Sonia Garcia, Ray Abaurrea, Marty Buchignani and Julia 
Villa.-.not necessarily in that order.


Book Bike Here Tuesday

Rhea Gardner, Woodland Public Library's Teen Librarian, and her Book Bike will be on campus during lunch on Tuesday to give away books. Stop by to say hello and get a book of your choice outside the Commons. Mrs. Gardner will also be doing class visits in the English Department. 

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Girls Volleyball

The Woodland High Girls Volleyball Team. Games start at 4, 5, and 6 pm.  Go Wolves!

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Cross Country Openings

Woodland High School’s Cross Country Team still has openings if you have NEVER been on the team before and this would be your first year competing. The team is open to Freshman – Seniors and the team is an excellent resume/college application builder and a great chance to be a part of a team that competes for league and section titles while learning about goal setting and attainment. See Coach Bruns in Room #906 to learn more about the team.

Senior Paint Day 2017



Help WHS get free money. It's simple, download the SHOPAROO app, scan your receipts, and ASB will receive the funds.

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Star Student Dariana Medina

Picture of Dariana Medina

Dariana Medina


          It is with Woodland Pride we introduce Darian Medina as our newest Star Student.  Dariana is a senior at WHS, hoping to attend college and earn a degree as a labor and delivery nurse.  She is motivated and determined to fulfill her goals and will no doubt be a success in her endeavors.  She is most proud of her achievements because of her determination.  “I push myself to not fail any classes and to achieve my goals.”  Therefore, she is destined to be a success because of her dedicated work ethic.

          Dariana is someone to be proud of, in part, because of the inspiration of her family.  “My parents have inspired me the most because they have always pushed me to do my best.”  She also recognizes that motivation is not something one achieves alone but there are many people who have helped her along the way.  “Mr. Monk and Mr. Dyer have inspired me the most.  They have encouraged me to do whatever I need to do to become a success, in school and outside of school.”  They are both great role models.

          Dariana has also proven to be an inspiration to many of her teachers.  Many have seen her grow from a wide-eyed freshman into the confident senior who knows where she is headed and what it will take to get her there.  “I remember when I first met Dariana as a freshman.  She was a very dedicated student and a great example of what it means to be positive, productive, and professional.  She always carried herself with respect and dignity and that’s how she treated others.”   She has a great personality and can light up a room with her wit.  “Dari is a wonderful person, full of life.  Quick to smile, loves a good joke.  I miss having her in class.  Hates spiders though…” She is also a team player and goes the distance whenever she is asked.  “Dari demonstrated a desire to commit to excellence in her first and only season as a member of the cross country team this past fall of her senior year.  She modeled an infectious passion that set a high bar for what a successful teammate should be like.”  It has always been a pleasure to have her in class.  “Dari is a rock star!  She is willing to participate and desires to learn and to be a part of learning.  She is joyous and thrives with others around her.”  She is a mentor and role model to those who need her.  “Dariana was a TA in the library last year.  She always came in with a smile on her face, asking what she could do.  Dariana completed her tasks promptly, efficiently and was always eager for another task. She interacted professionally with students and staff. It was a pleasure to work with her.”  There is no task she won’t take on with excitement and vigor.  She is amazing!

          Her one piece of advice for the freshmen class is to stay focused.  “Don’t slack off even if you think your classes are easy!”  This is a lesson she learned the hard way.  Her biggest pet peeve is when students are rude to teachers, especially her favorite teachers.  The funniest moment she has experienced at WHS was when someone ripped their pants trying to hop a fence.  Her favorite thing about high school has been the open mic on Fridays during lunch.  Her least favorite thing is not being able to go out to eat at lunch.  Her one regret is not joining cross country and tennis and more sports since freshmen year.  “I would have liked to have been more involved and sports are one way to do that.” The most difficult thing she has tried to do is get straight A’s.  Even though it was hard, she tried her best.  She is an example of positive, productive, and professional.  GO WOLVES!!



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Senior Portraits

Call Prestige Portraits at 916 844-1227 to schedule an appointment. 


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Hector Martinez

          It is with great pleasure and Woodland pride we introduce Hector Martinez as the newest Star Student of Woodland High School.  Hector is a senior who enjoys hanging out with friends, cooking and trying new foods.  He plans to attend college, hopefully UC Davis, and focus on the agricultural environmental sciences.  His goal is to work with a team to develop better agricultural methods.  At this time, he is not sure what career he will pursue because there are so many to choose from in the agricultural career path. 

          Hector has accomplished a lot in four years.  He is proud of how far he has come.  “In middle school, I wasn’t a good student.  I often would not do anything.   Now I find myself involved in school and my community.  I’m simply proud of changing my attitude, behavior and choosing a better life for myself.”  He clearly recognizes his successes and is proud of his accomplishments.  His favorite part of high school lies in the many diverse activities and opportunities he has embraced while here.  “You are able to enter into a new and more exciting part of life where you’ll make tons of new friends and memories that will last a life time. I also like that it exposes you to a new world.”  He seems to understand and appreciate the high school experience.  His least favorite part of high school is missing classes to attend events, meetings, or trips.  When he misses class, he doesn’t like the endless pile of homework he has when he returns.  That shows dedication.

          Hector credits his parents with inspiring him to do well.  “I mean, honestly, they have been here for me since my first second in this world.  They have always had big expectations and hopes for me.  They have always guided me and supported me and to do that for 17 years, it’s quite a task.”  He has also been inspired by many of his teachers.  He specifically mentions Mr. Delsol, Mr. Dyer, and Mrs. Stoops as being the most instrumental in his decision to choose agricultural sciences as his career choice.  “They have opened me to many great opportunities and have truly inspired me to achieve more in life.  They have put so much trust and faith into me.  And because of them, I have managed to achieve so much.  They hold a dear spot in my heart that I don’t just see them as my teachers but also as part of my family.”  He really appreciates how invested his teachers are in his education and in his character.

          Hector is a really conscientious student.  He has grown so much during his time at WHS and his teachers have noticed.  “Hector is an amazing leader in and out of the classroom. As our FFA President, he represents our chapter well. He is a caring individual who exemplifies the positive, productive, and professional motto of Woodland High School. Hector strives to make people feel welcome at WHS and expects the best from his peers. He has been mentoring 9th grade FFA students and preparing them for sectional competitions this year. Hector is a great role model and we are lucky to have them in the FFA and at Woodland High School.”  He has been a huge help in molding the next group of FFA members.  He is an integral part of this wonderful program.  “Hector is an asset to the Ag Academy. He demonstrates leadership and an ability to help and explain things to his peers that is unique. “He realizes how important his role is and he takes it seriously because he really cares.”  He cares about others and is responsible and trustworthy.”  He is a responsible leader, mentor, and friend to all who know him.  “Hector is an awesome kid.  The best sense of humor ever.” 

          As hector ventures into his future, he hopes those at WHS will always remember him for his dedication, drive, and determination to overcome his lack of interest in school during his freshmen year, something he deeply regrets.  He is the epitome of positive, productive, and professional.  GO WOLVES!!!